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Deadpool 2 ends up being a lesser affair than it’s predecessor. There was plenty of room to improve, and the X Force team is a welcome addition, but much of the plot is weaksauce, half of the jokes fall completely flat, the first 30 minutes are immensely boring and there’s many later moments that just don’t work as they were intended to. And the last thing a Deadpool needs to be is political or “progressive”.

Went and seen the movie last night dead pool 2 was just as good as the first movie. I give it 5 out of 5 stars defiantly in my top 5 of all the movies this year plan on seeing it again in a few days. This was a great movie, it had a few slow moments, but the Deadpool humor was non-stop. Special bonus, this movie had THE BEST Easter eggs at the end of the movie, that were the stuff of LEGEND! I was laughing so hard I cried!

Although the movie focuses on a few too many storylines and is all over the place at times, it still offers a fun, action packed movie with the same character we all began to love in 2016 (or earlier, for some.)
The movie is certainly darker than the first, and at times may feel overwhelming with references and jokes, however I highly recommend that any fans of the first check this one out.

If you thought the first Deadpool had a lot of references, this one takes it to a whole new level. Deadpool 2 revels in an extensive smorgasbord of references and Easter eggs from pop culture, comics, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Extended Universe, the X-Men movies, and plenty more. Nothing is untouchable for this movie — not even its own predecessor. Consistently reminiscing about old jokes, reinstating the ole familiar, lovable supporting characters who deliver more of the same…..Dissecting the movie to its bones, if it were not for Cable’s presence and storyline, the film would bear a striking resemblance to the first Deadpool. It is not necessarily detrimental for a sequel to draw heavily from the style and tone of the original, but there are moments in this film where redundancy tends to stick out.

The new material is reassuring though. Simply put, Cable is awesome, and Josh Brolin proves to be a fantastic casting choice. However, Cable’s purpose and role here ultimately seem to become no more significant than those of Colossus or Vanessa. The movie is justified in retaining its focus on Deadpool/Wade Wilson, but considering how substantial of a character Cable is/has been, centering the focal point and leveling the attention between these two characters may have been a missed opportunity for this film to reinforce its ability to stand apart from its predecessor. Overall, the film’s primary focus and plethora of verbal and visual gags/references set aside, this is a commendable follow-up with enough quotable dialogue and rambunctious, explosive, gory fun to make it a good time. As with the first Deadpool, this sequel has its heart in the right place. Anyone who liked the first movie will like this one.

Just as hilarious as the first, DP2 will prob need a second viewing to catch all the nods, easter eggs and references it throws at you. Surprisingly emotional at times and funny the next, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the second outing even more than the first, even though the first movie might be crafted a little better due to the tight plot. Josh Brolin is an amazing Cable and one of the highlights of the film, even though I wouldve loved to see more of the other side characters as well, esp Peter. Pacing was the only issue for me and could have been better if it allowed the jokes to fully land first. Still, this is a great addition to the DP/X-men multi-verse and if you’re a fan of the first, youre def gonna love this one(just dont go in hoping for a X-force movie, seriously, just don’t).. And oh, this movie has the best ending credits scene in the history of film. So if you missed it, well, guess you’ll have to see it again!

More of the awesome formula that made Deadpool a hit. The only downside in my opinion is the slight overuse of action and it getting a little tired.